Mission, Vision, Values


  • Develop, produce, provide technical assistance and sell at a fair price, quality medical equipment distinguished by robustness and versatility, creating value and benefits to shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and society.


  • Being the company offering the equipment that provide greater reliability and provide continuity of the provision of medical services.


  • Ethics and honesty: Actually the information provided and in fidelity to commercial agreements, creating lasting relations and trust with customers and suppliers;
  • Commitment: Using the resources necessary to maintain the continuous improvement of quality of products and services;
  • Creativity: Seeking new growth and adding value to the company;
  • Respect: At laws and people, keeping jealous of compliance with laws and regulations and fulfilling its duty to provide a safe working environment and providing healthy and developing the human capital of the company;
  • Social contribution: Developing equipment to maintain their performance even in the service of populations in regions with unfavorable technical conditions;

    Environmental Awareness: Adopting a management process that minimizes the generation of waste and environmental impact.

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