Cartão BNDES

- Credit limit: up to R$ 100,000.00
- Fixed installments
- Interest rate monthly published on Portal de Operações do BNDES;
- Period of funding: 12, 18 or 24 months;


(information taken from BNDES WEBSITE. might change without notice)

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PROGER - Programme for Employment and Income Generation

Through PROGER FAT Popular Entrepreneur, CODEFAT established by Resolution No. 286/02, the CAIXA finances Business Plans or working capital for microentrepreneurs Isolated popular. The PROGER Individual Professional Development funds, recently graduated or not, and the purchase of computer equipment for teachers and low-income microentrepreneurs with poor access to traditional financial system. The applicant should seek an agency of CAIXA and fill out a registration. Once you have approved the registration, presents the Business Plan or proposed working capital for analysis. Be considered the feasibility of the proposals, the ability to pay and guarantees. This flow can undergo small variations, as understanding among those involved in the process. (information highways WEBSITE Caixa Economica Federal. might change without notice)

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Unicred or other medical Unions

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Financiamento próprioo

EMSA also offers the possibility of direct funding, with payment by credit card. Please contact our sales department and meet the conditions for the acquisition of their system.

VISA MasterCard and American Express (cielo)

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